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    This page is dedicated to elaborate on what I have done in my time as a Information Sciences student at the University of Amsterdam. Enjoy!
  • University Courses

    Bachelor Year 1

    Information and Organization
    Basic Information Studies
    Example assignments: Bash | Python
    Programming Information Studies
    Web Technology and Languages
    Knowledge and Interaction
    Conceptual Modeling
    UML Modeling | Example weekly assignment
    Project Information Sciences in Practice
    Twolitiek: Sentiment Analysis on Tweets Report | Website (without database)
    Research Laboratory
    Human Computer Interaction
    TV-Gids App Prototype | Trailer
    Information Economy
    Computer Mediated Communication
    Course in collaboration with Stanford University CS Class
    Presentation (Prezi) | Whitepaper on global collaboration
    Research Project
    IT Tooling event | Infosecurity | Storage Expo | Onderwijs & ICT | Seminars | Lectures
  • University Courses

    Bachelor Year 2

    Introduction to Copyright Law
    Organisation Science
    Human Centered Multimedia
    Ambient Multi-Media Technology in the Amsterdam Zoo
    Paper | Interactive Prototype (.pptx + sound files)
    Business Information Systems
    Business Modeling and Design
    UML | EDG | FSM | OET | Paper | OET (Object Event Table)
    Databases Information Studies
    SQL | DDL | DML | Example assignment
    Research Methods and Research Techniques
    Knowledge and Learning
    Architecture and Infrastructure
    Applied Knowledge and Communication Systems
    Researching safety and consumers' trust in autonomous cars
    Research Paper | Poster ( PDF | PPTX ) | Literature Portfolio
    Text Mining for Business Applications
  • University Courses

    Bachelor Year 3

    Data Mining
    Classifiers | Clustering | Regression | Homework example
    Reflection on the Digital Culture
    Information and Knowledgemanagement
    Semantic Web
    Open Data | RDF(S) | OWL | SPARQL
    Search Engines
    Search Engine Koninklijke Bibliotheek Report | Presentation
    Knowledge-Based Media Systems

    Bachelor Thesis

    Design and Evaluation of a Platform Supporting Emergency Services Using Real-Time Photographs from Citizens
    Thesis | Presentation
  • University Courses

    Master Year One

    Service Oriented Design
    Business IT Alignment
    Virtual Organizations in a Dynamic Context
    Research Methods
    Complementing embodied conversational agents by implementing compliments
    Research Paper | Presentation ( PDF | PPTX )
    Integrating Cases
    Management of Social Media at the Orion Foundation | Presentation
    The Social Web
    Developing a Matchmaking System for Twitter
    Report | Presentation | Demo | Website (not live anymore)
    Rule Governance

    Master Thesis

    IT Governance at Higher Education Institutes in Amsterdam
    Evaluating Business Process Requirements for Large-Scale Education Sector IT Governance and Change: A Case Study
    Master Thesis | Presentation
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  • Language skills


    Dutch (++)
    English (++)
    German (+/-)
    French (-)
    Spanish (-)


    HTML (+)
    Python (+)
    PHP (+)
    SQL (+)
    Java (-)
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